At Tuni Textiles, we follow a very flexible approach to manufacturing. Some of our clients provide us with specifications and we make the fabrics against the order. On the other end, we do the complete product design and development, managing the whole supply chain, from raw-yarn to finished- fabrics.

Our success lies in our unique product ranges such as pick & pick, fil-a-fil, chambrays and other highly demanded polyester cotton varieties. Our expertise and heritage allow us to manufacture fabrics for various end uses in the domestic and international apparel markets:

  • Uniform Fabrics
  • Shirting Fabrics
  • Suiting Fabrics
  • Trouser Fabrics

The above fabrics can be accommodated in several types of intricate weave structures like, plain, twill, oxford, satin, herringbone and poplin. We are capable of manufacturing polyester, cotton, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose, cotton-linen and various other blends.

Quality is given utmost priority at Tuni Textile Mills Ltd. We have an in-house grey checking and mending department spanning across 10,000 sq. ft. that works alongside the loom-shed to ensure perfectly weaved quality fabrics.

The company is also actively trading in finished and Grieg cloth, which it sources from reputed buyers and ensures stringent quality control according to our in-house Quality norms and the “Tuni Quality Assurance”.

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